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Welcome - What Will Be Cover 
1 - What You Will Need - Part 1 
2 - What You Will Need - Part 2 
3 - Product Selection + Zip File 
4 - Different 3 Pages Funnel Scenarios 
5 - Let's Start Building Our Funnel  - Part 1
6 - Let's Start Building Our Funnel - Part 2 
7 - Let's Start Building Our Funnel - Part 3 
8 - We Are Live - Testing Our Funnel
9 - Final Test - Conclusion
10 - Ninja Trick - How To Give Away One Of The Freebies To Your Own List. 
Welcome - What Will Be Cover In This Training
Welcome To The Sunday Freebie Training Area.

Every week I get asked questions about how to accomplish basic stuff online.

Things like how to put a simple squeeze page together or how can I share one of your freebies to my own list, how to upload a file online or how to create a zip file and the list goes on and on.

I'll try to answer all your questions in this training series.

Together we are going to build a small  3 pages funnel, where you are going to watch over my shoulder as we select a product and start building our funnel.

At the end of the training, you should be able to take any of the free products and build yourself a small funnel.

From there, I'll create another video series (more advance) where we are going to build a complete website together.

Depending on the response I get from the training, I might create another series where I will show you how to combine a few products together and make your own unique offer and some ninja tools to help you build these websites.

Hope you like the training and make sure to play the video one by one.

If you watch one video and go to another section and click another video you will have two videos playing at the same time and you'll get confused.

No resources for this video.
What You Will Need - Part 1
In this video, I mention the three things you will need to follow this training.

1. Domain Name
2. Hosting Account
3. Auto Responder

Without these three things will be pretty hard for you to follow this training
Since we will need all three to build our first sales funnel.

And honestly, without a domain, hosting and autoresponder do you really
have a business?

Domain Name: Name Cheap

Hosting: Siteground

Auto Responder: Aweber

Of course, you may use any other services like host gator, get response, trafficwave etc

Additional Video Training:

Click Here To Watch How To Set Your DNS With NameCheap

You may get plenty of training video like the one above that cover pretty much every aspect of marketing online.  Get More Details Here:

What You Will Need - Part 2
In this tutorials, will go over the two little programs you will need to install on your computer to get started.

Which is Kompozer and Filezilla and both are free to download (Links in the resources box below)

Already have an HTML editor and an FTP (Files Transfert Protocol) program.

You're good to go :)

Another tool will use is Notepad, which should already be installed on your machine.

Kompozer: Download From Here

Filezilla: Download From Here
Product Selection + Zip File 
In this short video, We are going to select the product that we will use to create our small funnel and I will show you how to unzip the zip file that we downloaded.

Yes, I know that unzipping a file is pretty basic but you'll be surprised by the numbers of emails I get from subscribers/customers who have no clue how to unzip (Extract) a zip file.

The good stuff is coming in the next few videos :)

Download 7zip from here 
Different 3 Pages Funnel Scenarios
In this tutorial, I show you different scenarios with examples from my own funnels.

Depending if you want to use single opt-in VS double opt-in or if you want to make an offer or not this is all explained in this tutorials.
Let's Start Building Our Sales Funnel - Part 1
This is getting exciting :)

In this tutorials will actually start building our sales funnel, will work on the thank you page, confirmation page, and download page.

I will introduce you to Kompozer so make sure you already have the application installed on your computer.

Kompozer: Click Here To Download Kompozer

43 Wordpress Tutorials: Main Website

43 Wordpress Tutorials: Affiliates Area To Get The Banner Code
Let's Start Building Our Sales Funnel - Part 2
In this tutorial, I will introduce you to Filezilla.  

Make sure you have Filezilla Installed on your computer. (link in the resources box below)

With Filezilla, we are going to upload all the files to our server and I will show you how to deliver the freebie via a PDF link or in a ZIP file and we will complete our download page by adding either the PDF or ZIP file we just created.

I will also show you how to create a new directory and what is the difference between building your site in a directory Versus in the Root. (Root)  (Directory)

We also cover the first step you need to do when you access your server via Filezilla and that
is clicking the public_html folder.

I believe this is the most important video in the series.

Make sure you pause the video and do the steps with me. If you do it, in the next video you will have a working 3 pages funnel :)
Let's Start Building Our Sales Funnel - Part 3
In this tutorial, we are working on the actual squeeze page and we are integrating our
autoresponder code and we are going to upload this page using Filezilla. This will complete our 3 pages funnel.

I will also show you how to create an HTML email to be sent out via your autoresponder, This is a cool trick and we are going to use Kompozer to create the HTML version of our first email.

Now, this video gets tricky since I don't know which autoresponder company you are using. But at the end, it's just a matter of creating a form and pasting the code into our index.html file (that our squeeze page)

I will use Aweber to demonstrate how to create a form and will use the javascript snippet. (Which is pretty cool)

You'll find a few more training about Aweber in the resources box below.

Kompozer: Download Kompozer From Here

Filezilla: Download FileZilla From Here

Aweber Auto Responder: Start Your Aweber Trial From Here

Aweber Tutorials: 23 Part Aweber Video Series Is Available Here For Pro Member Only

Here a few videos from this series if you are a Free member:

He will be using Double Opt-in confirmation when creating the signup form and mention to use the basic Aweber page.

I don't recommend this technique.

If you are using double -Opt-In, make use of the confirmation page we built together. By adding it in the custom field like I demonstrate in my video.

Just click any of the links below and the video will play in a new window.

1) Creating a List With Aweber

2) List-Options-List-Settings-The-List-Notifications

3) List-Options- Confirmation-Settings

4) Create A Sign-Up Form Step 1

5) Create A Sign-Up-Form Step 2

6) Create A Sign-Up Form Step 3

We Are Live - Testing Our Funnel
 We are live, you should be proud of yourself :)

Having your own squeeze page and a small funnel is critical to your online business success.

Just by having these 3 pages online and ready to grab new subscribers put you ahead of 95% of people who try to market a business online.

In this video will look over our funnel and test every aspect to make sure our funnel is working properly.
Here the pages we have built in these tutorials:   (Squeeze Page)   (Thank You Page)    (Confirmation Page) (Download Page)     (PDF Link)          (ZIP File)

Final Test  - Conclusion
 This is the final video in the beginner series.

In this video will do a final test and I talk about adding more follow-up messages in your autoresponder.

I also go back to the download page and show you how to add others recommendation to your page.

Like how to add a banner when the vendor doesn't supply any graphics.

We are going to Visit JV Zoo to locate a product and get our affiliate link.

You will also learn how to make your recommendations via text link.

We even create an Invisible table using Kompozer to add our text link.  

I will also upload a few files with Filezilla and explain in more details the (Path)

In short, I will explain that you need to know the directory you are in when you are connected to your server.  Example: public_html/sunday/images

Like I said, this is the final video working with the **Start A Blog For Profit Package.**

Hopefully, you have followed all the steps from the beginning and you are now the proud owner of this little 3 pages funnel.


Congratulation for taking ACTION on the videos, now go ahead and take another product and go build your dream funnel and send me the link so I can see your work :)

Your next step is to send all your traffic to your new funnel, maybe not the one we built together but the funnel of your dream :)  

You now have the knowledge to build your dream funnel ;) You've learned new skills that will follow you for years. Once again congrats for taking ACTION.

Now, If you're reading this and you just watch a video here and there and didn't take any ACTION, why not?

I mean do you know any marketers that don't have a way or multiple ways to build their list?

Sure there a little bit of cost involved, like a domain name, hosting account, autoresponder but if your goal is to build a business you will need these at some point.

Some people might tell you that you don't need a site or a list, you can just do affiliate marketing using free property like blogger, etc.

Look around and think about all your favorite marketers, think about all the affiliates you see at the top of all leaderboard.

They all have one thing in common...  They all have a presence online (many websites) and huge list.

And you know what....

They all started with a simple squeeze page.

PLEASE take ACTION on these videos.  Everything is there for you to build your first small funnel and get that first subscriber.

Go get them, my friend ;)

If you have any questions, I'm always just a click away.

All the best,
Cedric Aubry

See the previous videos for all the resources mention in this beginner 9 part course.
How To Give Away One Of The Free Products To Your Own Subscriber
 Woohoo We made it :)

Time for some Ninja tricks,

In this first video, I will show you the best way to give one of the free products to your own subscribers.

Of course there plenty of ways to give one of the freebies away.

You could just send them a PDF link.

Or you could just give them a Zip file to download.

But my favorite way to give a freebie is by setting up a simple page :)

I show you why in this video.

I will also show how to create an  HTML redirect. (The code is below) But first, watch the video.
Coming Soon

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